It was my choice

This year, I promised myself that I will not succumb to the usual temptation of putting on hold a lot of things no matter how challenging they may become. What’s funny though is that the universe is throwing a great deal of tests my way this early in the game.

As a full- time mom, I’ve always enjoyed nurturing my only child, but I am more than grateful for the help that I get from our “angel”. And now that she has decided to stay in her province for good, I feel overwhelmed with the number of things that need to be accomplished on a daily basis. What great timing, too! My excitement to go back to school was cut short by fear of not being able to deliver the things that are expected of me.

However, with this reality comes a realization as well. I mean, it was my choice to enrich myself with good education this year. I was given the financial means to do so as well as the emotional support to be able to accomplish things so, there should not be any reason for me to give up. If anything, I should feel lucky to have been given this opportunity. So, whining about inconsequential things should be seen as an absolute waste of my time. Besides,  I am quite positive that for as long as I keep my priorities straight and learn to manage my time, I know for sure that I’ll survive.


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