Metacognition: It’s been there all along

After having watched the video and read materials about metacognition, I finally am able to associate the term with its actual meaning. The truth of the matter is, this has been the first time that I came across such a word. Surprisingly, what I learned about it made me support my belief that I was on the right track all along when it came to my own study habits.

Back in the day, I was the type of learner who would jot down notes while my teachers discuss the lessons and classmates simply stare at them throughout the entire session. At that time, I felt that they were luckier than I was, having no need to write down key elements about the topic. Then came our exams day and I suppose that my strategy had its merits too for I always had one of the top scores if not the highest in our class.

Engaging in Socratic Dialogues also helped a lot especially when topics became a little bit more challenging. I was not one who would simply nod when taught a new concept. I took it upon myself to understand the lesson and express my understanding of those lessons using my own words. I guess it was because I had always been against memorization as I found it to be my weakness.

Now that I am a parent, I have passed on the same practice to my child without really knowing what I should call it, until now. And since I’m back in “school”, my hope is that I can be a role model to my daughter as she sees the importance of doing advance preparation as well as following a schedule when it comes to learning.


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