Self-regulation: I am my own Boss

Self-regulation in my humble opinion is like having your own business wherein you are your own boss. Like running a business empire, you decide on many different things like what product to sell, how much to sell it, when to meet with suppliers, whom to sell the product to and so on and so forth.

Based on the material I read (see, ” the best learning occurs when one carefully observes and considers her own behaviors and acts upon what she has learned.” For me, this simply means that one’s learning strategy should be uniquely her own. Going back to my comparison, isn’t it true that in order for a business to succeed, the owner must know what works and does not work for her business and, if something does not work then strategies should be adjusted. The same goes for learning, if a strategy does not work for a specific situation, then one must not limit herself to just that option. Instead, to reach optimum results, one must be open- minded enough to make adjustments.

After having read the same material, I also learned the three aspects of academic learning. First, self-regulation of behavior. It means that a learner must learn how to control the various resources available to her like, time, learning environment as well as people (teachers and peers). Self- regulation of behavior for me is very important to us, distance learners, because we take control of when, where, how and who we study with or ask to for guidance. Like what I said earlier, I am my own boss. So, ultimately, it’s up to me as to how I would make use of my resources to succeed.

Second, self- regulation of motivation and affect. This controls and changes motivational beliefs such as self- efficacy and goal orientation. I suppose, to simply put this, it means that one’s success in learning will also depend on the motivation that she sets for herself and that one must learn to control her emotion especially when adapting to the demand of the course. For us distance learners, we should continuously ask ourselves, ” Why am I doing distance learning and what benefit(s) do I get from doing it.” From there, we can most likely set a goal for us to achieve and also get the motivation from the same goal.

Lastly, self- regulation of cognition. It means control of various strategies of learning. Like what was previously mentioned, one’s learning strategy does not work for all and that one strategy sometimes is not enough on all tasks or occasions. My take on this is that, we are all unique learners and that one’s learning practice and behavior is uniquely her own. So far, I believe that my learning strategies have worked well for me over the years but I would not want to limit myself to just those strategies. As I have learned now, there’s no guarantee that one learning style or strategy will work on all tasks each and every time. I would also want to believe that change is good when it is necessary.


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