How have I myself (i.e., the teacher candidate) learned in school, and how
do I learn most effectively? Why do some people learn better than I and I better than others?

I actually find this a very interesting question. Looking back, I would say that I have had several ways of learning and, as strange as this may sound, I believe that my learning habits were dependent on who I was with during my days in school. As I recall, I had four different sets of cliques or “barkada” when I was in high school which means that I had one group for each year. When I was in my second year, I was drawn more to sleepovers and soirées. My studies, although still a priority, was not at the top of my list. I was alright with mediocrity and was content that I was able to submit requirements on time, but that’s about it. I didn’t give much effort to excel as opposed to when I was in my third year when I was most conscious about my grades. I suppose it was because the group I was with at that time was composed of achievers. I mean, we had in our group one of the smartest girls (if not the smartest) to lead our study sessions. We didn’t really assign her the task but somehow, we, members of the group, had an unspoken agreement that she was the best candidate to lead us all. Needless to say, I had good grades and felt confident as ever because I knew then that I was hanging out with the smart ones.

College was a similar story, or even better. I had a different motivation and that same motivation kept me really focused on the prize at hand…graduating. More than that, however, I did my best each and every semester because I had another goal and that was to sustain my academic scholarship which earned me extra money. Money that helped pay for extra stuff or materials for school projects and others. I felt more independent as I never had to trouble my parents with anything financial. That, gave me a sense of pride and freedom.

To sum it up, I believe that I learn effectively when 1) I create goals for me to achieve, 2) I surround myself with people who have the same interests in learning as I do, 3) I find a good source of motivation which normally is my family and the future that is ahead of me. All these may perhaps be the same reasons why I learn better than some people at times.

Now, as someone who aspires to be a teacher once again, my wish is that I may be able to encourage my students to do the same things that helped me become a good learner. I hope that I may INSPIRE them to always set goals for themselves because this will serve as their ultimate prize in the end and to find themselves a good source of motivation ( whether it be family, friends or teachers) who will provide them their source of strength and encouragement to never give up. As for choosing the people to be with, I can only enlighten their minds with regard to the benefits of surrounding one’s self with good people because, ultimately, the choice is theirs to make.


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