My Dyadic Experience

After several exchanges of messages with my partner, I realized that no matter how different our words may be, we remain to have a primary goal. Both she and I believe that pursuing this course will allow us to give back to society what society has given us, and that is learning. We were also in agreement that we want to learn for the sake of learning what we ought to learn for us to be good educators.

Apart from that, we are also in pursuit of learning for our own self- development. We believe that being homemakers and having our own kids should not in any way limit our abilities or our chances to learn in order to be productive individuals (Identified Regulation).

In addition, I also realized that motivation is truly multidimensional. Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier, my motivation for learning is learning itself or to acquire additional knowledge, self-improvement, self-discovery, a way to pay it forward and many more. It has become fascinating for me that this experience has opened my eyes to so many beautiful things and I would hope that this is just the beginning of a truly wonderful journey… A journey where there is limitless possibilities.


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