Are we intelligent?

” Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking its stupid.”
— Albert Einstein

I am a firm believer that each one of us is special, gifted even. I remember that back in the day, I was mesmerized at how brilliant this classmate of mine was in solving mathematical problems. She had that unique ability of solving mathematical equations even if our teacher hadn’t finished writing the entire equation on the board. It was simply amazing (for me and my classmates, of course) to see her in action as she finishes our teacher’s math problems. Apart from that, she was good at all our subjects and was President of our Forensics Speech and Debate Team in high school. She was what we can call, ” the perfect student”. Luckily, I got to be friends with her. It was when I “hang out” with her that I got to focus more on school work and realized that I, too, have so much more to offer. I mean, I’m no math wizard, but I certainly possess some of the intelligences defined by H. Gardner.

First off, I am a people- person. I love relating to just about everybody I meet. The experience itself generates a genuine thrill that I become so engage as I learn so much not only about the person, but his/her life in general. I have also been so passionate about building relationships with people and value the importance of those relationships.

Secondly, I was a track and field and volleyball player from grade school to high school, enjoyed swimming, dancing and I’m now playing tennis out of sheer curiosity about the sport. I would not have thought that my ability to perform well in these sports can be attributed to being intelligent but I guess I was wrong.

Lastly, my ability to express my thoughts and opinions is something that I am also proud of. I may not be the most eloquent speaker, but I’m pretty sure that I am a good communicator. It is with this ability that I get the courage to engage in meaningful conversations with family and friends. It also served as an important tool that helped me rise above the ranks in the workplace.

Given all these realizations on my intelligences, I can honestly say to myself, “not bad, not bad at all”. I have also come to terms with the fact that test scores are not to be taken as the ONLY basis for an individual to be branded as intelligent. More importantly, the realization that people show intelligences in different ways allows me to keep an open mind as I nurture my own daughter into developing her own intelligences.


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