Responsible Modeling

A very old commercial is brought back to memory by this module particularly that on observational learning or modeling. I can recall about two or three sets of commercials having different settings but promoting the same theme with the tag line “Kung ano ang ginagawa ng matanda ay sya ring gagayahin ng bata”. These commercials sent a very powerful message and that is, that adults are always looked up to by the young ones for guidance, inspiration and direction. It is therefore the responsibility of these adults to act according to what they believe is morally correct.

And speaking of actions, I believe that modeling should start at home. As parents, we should be responsible for what we teach our children, from the fundamentals down to the more complex learnings. While it is a given that children are sent to schools for further education, I still feel strongly about having my own child look at me ( or her tatay) as her role model. I would want her to feel that, we, her parents are the primary adults that she can look up to when she feels confused about the dictates of society. I want her to trust that we have her best interest at heart and that we will do everything in our power for her not to go astray. All these, I plan to achieve through leading by example. I suppose that this desire to be her own ‘responsible model’ is rooted to the fact that if I become successful at raising a smart, God- fearing, free- spirited, independent-minded and happy human being, that I have served my purpose here on Earth and that I know that she will do the same thing to her own child/ children, and, my hope is that the cycle continues. Because who knows, we might just have a shot at changing our world by simply doing our role as our child’s/ children’s model.


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