Vygotsky, my own hero!

I’d have to say that although I respect and acknowledge Piaget’s work, I can’t help but feel as I if I have found myself a kindred spirit in Vygotsky. His work on social constructivism as mentioned in the number of references recommended in the module made me appreciate my own learning style and understand why I enjoyed social interactions and dialogues so much. I have to admit that, most often than not, I get hyped up over discussions with other people as I feel that part of real learning is when individuals exchange ideas, listen and identify other people’s thoughts, views and experiences. I also find it as a suitable avenue for me to think aloud and when I do so, I believe that I get to remember most of what I have learned or what I am trying to learn.

I have also realized that teaching and learning as a process have continuously evolved and I am glad that they have. As a student myself, I want to feel responsible for the things that I learn along the way. I would like to see my teacher/ instructor as more of my mentor and guide who will direct me to the path of discovering new knowledge. This way, the reward of enriching myself becomes more worth it since I know that it is with my own doing that I got to achieve it.

And, as a teacher, I promise to trust that my students can discover new things for themselves. Just like the saying goes, ” Do not give people fish, instead teach them how to fish.”. This reminds me that although teachers are expected to “give” knowledge, it is still best that we include our students in the discovery of that knowledge so that when the time comes, they get to do the process of finding out the solutions for themselves. I will not focus too much on the end product but on the journey because I believe that what is more important is that my students learn valuable life lessons along the way. Getting the end product will then follow.


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