My Very Own Critical Thinker

As a full-time homemaker, my only student currently is my daughter, who at this stage in her life is very inquisitive not only with what is introduced in school but, in most cases, with anything and everything that she observes around her. I have to admit that with the number of things that I myself would have to accomplish on a daily basis, I find that answering all her questions can be quite exhausting. As bad as it may sound, perhaps that feeling of exhaustion drove me to look for alternative strategies as to how I can teach my daughter to develop her critical thinking skills. Case in point, when my daughter asks me a question that I can easily answer, I first throw the question back at her so that she may come up with her own interpretations or perceptions. Thereafter, if her own interpretation is close to what is true or factual, I pitch in my ideas to support it and then allow her to also research some more evidences using the internet. Of course, the internet can be a tricky source of information too, so, I make sure to direct her to trustworthy paths that I know will lead her to the answers that she seeks and constantly remind her that the desire to learn more and discover new ideas must come from within her.

Now I know that perhaps it is too early to prove that my daughter has started developing critical thinking but, I believe that the practice we have at home which includes allowing her to think for herself, analyzing situations, making interpretations, evaluating potential outcomes and having the discipline to improve herself and constantly challenging her capabilities are but a few significant indicators that can tell that she is on the right track to developing her critical thinking skills.


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