A Journey to Self Discovery

I would have to admit that prior to taking up this course on Theories of Learning, I had my own inhibitions and a planned strategy on just how I intend to finish it. I thought that I would simply answer a few questions here and there and be done with the whole thing. I thought that everything would be mechanical and so is my learning experience. But, I was wrong, and, for the first time, I did not mind being wrong.

My journey to self discovery started from day one when I was first introduced to the concepts of metacognition and self- regulation. While it is true that I may have had been practicing these concepts before, I was sure glad to have been educated as to which terms to use to refer to them and be given affirmation that my learning habits have been effective all these years. Through the modules and references given on both metacognition and self- regulation, I was made aware of how I had valued various resources and how these resources ( parents, teachers, institution, peers, colleagues etc.) had helped me develop into a self- regulated learner. A learner who takes responsibility to know when and where it is best to learn, welcomes various ideas of learning and learning strategies that lead to change and finds motivation to enhance her knowledge from things and people around her.

And, speaking of motivation, this course has also strengthened my belief that there are multiple reasons why an individual would strive to gain knowledge. These driving factors may be due to cognitive gain which is simply, one’s goal to broaden his/her knowledge, skills, abilities and understanding. It may also be brought about by one’s need to satisfy himself with rewards, praises and recognition or the simple case of curiosity.

At the start of the semester, I convinced myself that going back to school through distance learning is probably the best thing to do for a first-time stay-at-home mom like myself. So you can say that, initially, my need to study was motivated by boredom. Little did I know that I was actually searching for something more than just to kill time. It dawned on me that I wanted to enrich myself with new knowledge and skills because I have missed that constant feeling of learning when I decided to stop working. I felt as if I have stagnated and the opportunity to once again “be in school” has brought back that excitement to be learning new things again.

Learning for me has also been made more fun and meaningful because of the insightful ideas and views of my classmates and the numerous presentations shared by my teacher. Although I was used to face-to face interactions or discussions that traditional classroom set-up offers, I did not feel at any time that I was alone in my endeavor thanks to the pro-active attitude of my peers. What’s more interesting is that I was even given the opportunity to practice my skills as a social learner. The fora that were initiated by both myself and classmates kept me well- informed about their various experiences and practices that I may one day use in my own classroom. Indeed, the lack of physical presence did not dampen my spirit to see myself finish this course. If anything, I believe that it convinced me, more than ever, that I am a self- regulated individual who can achieve anything so long as I have the discipline, motivation and patience to withstand any challenges that may come along the way. And, it is my hope that I may serve as an inspiration or a role model not only to my own child but hopefully, to my future students as well. If so, then all my efforts have been all worth it.


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