Assessment, a MUST for everyone!

Whether we want to admit or not, assessments are and will always be a part of our learning experience and growth. Beginning from when we were babies, our parents used methods of assessments to make inferences on whether our learning has progressed from one level to another. From saying our first words to identifying different colors and reading letters from the alphabet out loud, our parents made sure that they ‘test’ us on our acquired knowledge, and, I say that it is a good thing. Now that I am a parent, myself, I value these assessments for pretty much the same reason that they did. Assessments, in its many forms, allow me to ascertain my daughter’s progress in learning. I remember during her first day in school at age 3, the teacher used a carved block of wooden board to see if she was capable of identifying different shapes by putting the right pieces ( that were piled randomly on the side) onto the board. As soon as my daughter completed the test, she moved on to having her identify colors, count numbers from 1-10 and so on and so forth. It was after these assessments, that she was able to assure us of her readiness for school, as well as the intended program, despite her young age.

Year after year, my daughter continues to acquire more knowledge and together with that, she is given more types of tests and assessments (aptitude, achievement, performance) with the objective of measuring how much she has grown intellectually and emotionally. Yes, even emotionally. Let us not forget that schools not only prepare kids academically, but they also teach them on how to deal with others through group performance tasks that are not only meant to measure the end- product of what was taught, but also serve as a good teaching scenario of how each child should interact with one another as they deliver what is asked of them.

I’d have to say that the same is true in my case. These assessments like group projects, buddy-works and others have helped me immensely in terms of how I deal with people on a daily basis, especially when I was still a trainer/communication coach. I would not have been effective at my job in relating with others if it were not for the different experiences I had in high school and college, and for that, I am very thankful to my teachers. They have made sure that not only did they supply me with knowledge, but more importantly, they’ve equipped me with an important tool that I was able to successfully use in the ‘real world’. In conclusion, I believe that with the right objectives and well- thought off activities that are aligned with those objectives, educators should persist in providing assessments to help individuals put to application their knowledge and skills into real- life everyday scenarios.


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