No reason to fail

I’d have to admit that I was a bit taken aback when I learned that we are given unlimited attempts to do the quiz. I was of course happy that it was the case thinking that it will give me more chances to check on my learning without having to be so conscious of failing. During my first attempt, what I did was I answered the questions based on my recollection of the items that I came across with during my reading. There were times that I had to look at my notes for reassurance especially when it came to the other half of the test which I answered quite giddily knowing that it was about Bloom’s Taxonomy. I sort of wanted to see how I’d fair in the test and got a bit excited that I answered hastily. Also, I felt less stressed to be performing excellently the first time because of the unlimited opportunities given us. With that said, I got an 8 out of 15. Then knowing that I didn’t get a perfect score, I immediately tried it again, just to see what I’ll get next and when my score got lower by one point, that’s when I realized that I had to review my lessons on Bloom’s Taxonomy before going on my third attempt. It also helped that there was the review button which allowed me to reflect on my answers and use it as a basis to compare the information that I have on my notes.

On the question whether the review button was accidental or intentional, I’d say that it is the latter. Although, I personally didn’t see that as an opportunity to cheat. Instead, I saw it as a tool that helped me reaffirm that I was on the right track. Of course, I can’t say that I am an ideal student and that I am not prone to temptations, however, I personally feel that having those features in the quiz made it appear less stressful and more fun to learn. If anything, it made me more responsible with how I did the quiz knowing that the burden of being stressed over the quiz was removed out of the equation. Therefore, I had no excuses to do poorly on the quiz as I was aware that I have already been given too much leeway and that failing is just not acceptable.


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