Thoughts on 3B

I find it interesting and quite refreshing to know that there is such a term as student- generated assessments. It is no surprise that the traditional practice in schools is that, educators are responsible in coming up with different types of assessments to use as a measure for students’ learning outcomes. Teachers are always asked to incorporate the kinds of tests ( formative assessments) that they will use in each of their lessons as they come up with their lesson plans. These assessments will then be used as a collection of evidences that allow them to come up with their summative scores at the end of each grading period.

After having spent many, many years in school, I could not quite remember as to how many times a teacher has asked me to think of ways on how I wish to be evaluated. Thus, I agree with what I read in one of the references, that student- generated assessments are indeed the most underutilized type of assessment. I wonder why. I mean, after having learned that each individual is a unique learner and that we have different ways in obtaining and demonstrating our knowledge and skills, why then are we not “consulted” as to how we want to be tested or assessed? Why do we depend largely on the kind of assessments that our teachers give us? Why can we not have 50% of our summative score taken from our preferred assessment and the other 50% from the assessments prepared by our teachers? If we claim that students learn and demonstrate knowledge and skills differently, then, is the aforementioned method not a more accurate basis to get our summative scores?

As a future educator, I am very much intrigued as to how I can incorporate student- generated assessments to obtain more acceptable summative scores for each of my students. I would like to be the kind of teacher, who would get out of her way to know how each of my students can best showcase their learning abilities. Like for instance, a student who loves to dance will not be obligated to write an essay regarding a topic on one’s love for another, but would instead be encouraged to demonstrate said topic through an interpretative dance, a painter through his creation of a mural or a math wizard to come up with a mathematical equation to demonstrate his understanding of love, just like in one of the series of Bones ( a US television show). Of course, these student- generated assessments will not be the sole source of their summative scores, but, with the incorporation of this kind of assessment together with the two others, obtrusive and unobtrusive assessments, I can at least say that I have given my students equal opportunities to display their knowledge and skills and that they will not make any claim that their intelligences were not fully maximized or utilized because opportunities given them were limited.


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