What I took from Assignment #2

I have to admit that I had my apprehensions after finding out that Assignment 2 would entail working in a group. I realize that working in a group has its advantages, and that more than coming up with a product, the objectives of such activity are to also measure how well one can work with the rest of the group and that, it encourages collaborative learning as well as strengthen one’s interpersonal skills. I am, of course, all for those underlying rewards but I can’t be blamed if I think that along with the advantages comes the disadvantages of working in a group such as, dealing with people with different personalities, temperament, sense of responsibility (or the lack thereof), commitment issues etc. I suppose that as a student, I have always seen myself as the sole owner of my work and my fate. Sure, there may be times that I asked for other people’s help but at the end of the day, I still am responsible for choosing whether or not to accept the help or advice that is offered.

After finishing this assignment though, I actually realized that it was good to have been able to engage in this activity with a bunch of people who showed me that it was okay to share with them the responsibilities that were asked of us to do. They have proven to me that working in a group (especially with those who take learning at the same level as you do) isn’t bad at all. If anything, it made the work easier and more meaningful. Easier because we got to share the workload and more meaningful because of the exchanges of ideas that transpired. Oh, and yes, it was quite fun too. Fun to see that you’re not the only worrywart thinking and dreaming of what you need to finish.

Now the question is, will I ever do the same to my future students? My answer is, ABSOLUTELY. Just like what I learned, I would want my students to learn the value of working well with people and making compromises. Let’s be honest, this world that we live in is tough and I don’t think that anybody can survive without making compromises or giving and taking. Consequently, if I were to have my students engage in the same activity, I will make sure that I apply the same things that I have learned in this course, that is to be prepared with a Table of Specification and Rubrics that will be essential tools for me to measure my students abilities without any biases but with validity and reliability as I know that they will put in the time and energy into their work and as such I would like to give those who truly strive what is due them. That to me is fair game.



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