Time- Management: My Great Nemesis

Like many of us, I, too am a person who wears different hats. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and the list goes on. So, it goes without saying that I play different roles on a daily basis and together with those roles are the different expectations of me.

I have to admit that I have known myself to be good at time management until I was proven wrong twice today. Of course, it came as a shocker because I have always thought that since I am able to accomplish things on time, it is tantamount to doing things the right way. Regardless of the anxiety that the “process of finishing up” sometimes brings.

After accomplishing two of the suggested surveys, (http://universitycollege.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/Time%20Management%20Skills%20Test.pdf and http://sarc.sdes.ucf.edu/form-studyskills), I was made aware that I still have a few more missteps when it comes to managing my time. These missteps, however, are things that I can definitely work on and should not in any way hinder me from achieving the goals that I have set for myself. If anything, the realization that I should 1) learn to delegate responsibilities, 2) be able to say “no” and 3) give up total control when necessary are a few pointers that I believe will direct me to achieving those goals. And, with the guidance and support from both my peers and FIC, I am sure that the only direction I am headed to is FORWARD.




3 thoughts on “Time- Management: My Great Nemesis

  1. Such an eye catching title Belinda I looked up the word “nemesis” to find out what it means. Another new word for me. Have been hearing it but really not knowing what it is. Looks like we’re on the same boat with time management. And yes, with the help of FIC and one another, there’s no other way but to move forward  Cheers towards new level of learning!

  2. Hi Belinda,

    First, I’d like to say that I can totally relate to your dilemma about time management. I also used to think that I am an excellent time manager, but after taking the test, I found out that I still have mistakes when it comes to handling time properly. With this, I find your suggestion “learning to say no” very valuable. Based on my experience in my job before, there were a couple of times that my boss would ask me to do things which were beyond my responsibilities and capacity (load and time wise) and I still accepted them. As a result, it gave me a feeling of dissatisfaction because it seemed that my to-do list was endless. Indeed, it is true when you said that sometimes it is necessary to say no in order for us to achieve all of our goals. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to reading your next entry. 🙂

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