A Day of Reflection


I find it very timely that I am reflecting today about what I have learned throughout the many, many years of my existence here on earth. I say timely, because I am writing this entry on the day when the challenge of our very special guest, Pope Francis, is for us to reflect on how we have lived, and continue to live our lives– whether or not we have looked at the needs of our poor brothers and sisters in God.

Having said this, I cannot help but think that perhaps, one of the reasons why I contemplate on the importance of these new lessons today, is that I needed to have a better understanding of the kind of teacher I want to become. Perhaps, being able to provide new things, ideas, insights to my future students is not enough to be recognized as an effective teacher. Instead, the realization that more and more people need care, attention, opportunities, trust, patience and understanding, is the real message of these lessons and that I must not be complacent with the things that I know now but to challenge myself even further to develop into a “teacher” who would give as much importance to the well- being of her students as that of their intellectual gains. Someone who will not give up when faced with difficulties in teaching situations or difficulties with her students. Someone who will promote values and ideologies but will allow her students to have a mind of their own. Someone who will give students opportunities to try and succeed and not dominate the entire learning experience just because she can. And, someone who will always be mindful that she has been called to play a role that will make a difference in the lives of others whom she would teach.


3 thoughts on “A Day of Reflection

  1. Very well said classmate! being able to define what kind of teacher we are matters. Though definitions are infinite when it comes to being a teacher, being able to touch one soul and part of that transformation is an achievement.

  2. Hi Belinda, reading your blog warms my heart. More teachers are being aware that it’s not just the content that is important but it’s equally important to show genuine concern to the students welfare and development. Now that I’m thinking about what you have said, teachers have so much on their plate right now. Aside from being master on the subjects, they also need to balance on how to show concern while challenging the students to learn and grow.

  3. Hi belinda! I can relate with you. We are not just a teacher to our students, we are also their mother in school. We invest time and emotion to our students and this is the reason why we love what we are doing.

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