Teachers are superheroes too.

When I was a little girl, I would play with my friends and we would pretend to be superheroes. We would each pick our respective superpowers, and most often than not, I would pick invisibility, super strength and the ability to fly. For me, those were the best superpowers a hero can ever have to fulfill his/ her duties in ” saving the world”.

After having read the references provided for on teaching skills, I came to realize that like superheroes, teachers possess so many ” superpowers”, and that they continue to use these skills for the sole benefit of helping others– their learners.

Let’s begin with instructional planning and assessment skills. Like any good superhero, a teacher has the ability to identify the specific expectations and learning outcomes of his/ her students and appropriately plan strategies and methods to target those learning experiences and behaviors with the aid of his/ her chosen materials as arsenal for the students’ progress and development. He/ she makes sure that the plan is SMART, meaning, it is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time- bound. After all, the end objective is for him/ her to bring out the best in every student that he/she would have to “save”.

The teacher must also have an awesome classroom management skills. I cannot imagine any superhero that can work well in a chaotic setting. From Batman to Ironman, I have always noticed that their brilliant minds work extraordinarily well when they are in an organized surrounding. Just like those superheroes, teachers make sure that they create and maintain an orderly learning environment for their students because they recognize that their minds produce best results when they are exposed to an environment or atmosphere that fosters creativity and that through their recognition of rules, students’ develop their own routines and they learn to have a sense of responsibility for their actions and behaviors.

Teachers are also known for their motivational skills. Just like the superheroes who know what makes their nemeses tick off, teachers can identify and understand what triggers students’ behaviors and actions and provide the support and guidance that they need in order to adapt to any learning environment. Teachers also recognize opportunities to praise and reward students when the situation calls for it, and are always there to explain the value of being a part of something, which is the code for encouraging students to give importance to the formation of good relationships and affiliations.

When it comes to interpersonal skills, teachers serve as good role models of what they preach. They show respect not just in their words but in their actions, and they will, as much as they can, condemn the wrong doing but not the doer. Like most superheroes, teachers give students nonjudgemental feedback. They also live by the same rules that they have set for their students, which makes them all the more a suitable figure of authority.

Last but certainly not the least, teachers work well with diversity. Saying this makes me imagine about the Superfriends. Having watched so many episodes of that cartoon makes me appreciate how Superman can work well with Wonderwoman, Batman, The Flash etc. I mean, they did not come from one place and they obviously have so many differences, but despite all those, they chose to respect each other and use their powers for the greater good. Like the Superfriends, teachers are able to recognize diversity in their students and use their differences for their own benefit by taking those differences into account when planning for instructions that will allow them to come up with a variety of teaching alternatives and learning experiences that would aim to recognize students’ individuality and at the same time use those differences as avenues towards successful learning.

Having said all these, I cannot help but imagine myself doing all these tasks in my own classroom someday. And, when I do, I’ll make sure to use all of my “superpowers ” to be the best teacher that I can possibly be.


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