My Own Reflection

I would have to admit that when I was younger, I did not really care much about what other people think of me, because as a child I had other fun things that I focused on which to me were far more important than worrying about what others say about me. But, as I grew older, that perception changed. I became aware of how I would want others to ‘see’ me, and for reasons that I did not understand then, I wanted to belong or be a part of something. This was probably the reason why I gave so much importance to how people ‘see’ me. There were times that I would enjoy listening to the nice things that people say I am, like when they say that I am easy going, fun to be with, a good listener/ speaker, a leader and so on and so forth. However, there were also times when I had been told differently. Some perceived my being a leader as being bossy and wanting things to be done my way. In cases when people think ‘differently’ of you, you can not help but reflect or look really hard on whether what other people ‘see’ and say about you is true or not. Reflection allows you to examine yourself and formulate your own questions on why you think people see you the way that they do. It makes you look thoughtfully on whether what they say is based on something that has merits, and if so, you then think of options on how to change– not for them but for your own self- improvement.

And now that I am an adult with my own knowledge, experiences, beliefs and principles, my reflection of myself is used for the same reason– to make myself better primarily for the benefit of the people around me. As a wife and mother, I reflect on my thoughts and actions in order to create and maintain a positive and nurturing relationship with my husband and daughter. As a daughter, I reflect on the ways that my parents have raised me and used those wonderful memories of my childhood to give back to them. And, as a teacher hopeful, I would like to reflect on the many shared ideas, knowledge and practices so that I may one day be responsible in encouraging the next generation of hopefuls to reflect on their own perceptions of themselves in order to find their self- worth.


One thought on “My Own Reflection

  1. Hi Ms. Belinda! Thanks for the good read. I like how you mentioned taking into consideration the perceptions of others whether they have merits or not. This form of evaluation truly helps individuals gain a better understanding of who they really are. I believe this can be done better with the support of true friends and colleagues who will, as they say, praise you for the good deeds and willingly correct you for mistakes. 🙂

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